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Free Conference Calls

Need to set up a conference call and can’t even figure out how to add a third person to a call, much less have 10 people on the same call?

Don’t want to pay monthly fees and/or 10+ cents a minute for conference calls?

There are free alternatives. One I’ve been using for several years is

You go to their web site and register for a free account. They send you an email with a call-in telephone number and a conference call code.

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CEO Express

90% of what I need to know I can find with Google. More and more great information is on Wikipedia. What about business information?

CEO Express ( is a portal of links to other business information websites.

What I Want in a Netbook

I’ve been reading a lot about netbooks recently.

If you didn’t follow the link to Wikipedia, a netbook is a notebook computer that is light, sufficiently powerful for web browsing, email, etc., and relatively cheap.

I didn’t know it at the time, but at this year’s CES in January my daughter and I looked at one of the first netbooks, the ASUS Eee PC. It had a 7” LCD screen, a modicum of memory and ran Linux off a flash drive.

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Finding Cheap Airfares

Oil Prices are going up. Airfares are going up too (some say faster than oil).

Looking for the best airfare?

One of my favorite starting places is ITA Software (

They wrote the Orbitz booking engine.

This site is where they try new ideas. You know it’s unbiased since they don’t sell any tickets, just display the fares.

Check out their help pages. They have a “route language” that lets you specify all sorts of things (like connecting through a certain city on a certain airline).

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