Operational Excellence with Technology

Using PowerPoint to Get Lines and Sell More Stuff!

Thinking about spending $5,000 to $10,000 for a 4 color agency brochure to promote your company and for new line presentations? Maybe that isn't the best option. Ever do a brochure that had a picture of an employee that quit the week after you got your new brochures? New technologies allow "on-demand" creation, presentation, and printing of impressive 4 color works of art, or make that next wholesaler sales meeting zing!

During this seminar we'll start with PowerPoint tips and tricks that every presenter should know (can the people in the back of the room read your slides?). From there we'll move onto how PowerPoint can be used during new line presentations to give your agency the competitive edge during those nerve racking interviews. Finally we'll look at some examples from reps and manufacturers.