Operational Excellence with Technology

Here are some comments from past speaking engagements:

I wanted to thank you again for presenting at the recent MAFSI conference. I have reviewed the session evaluations where you were another smashing success. You need to do this for a living! Thanks a million Gregg!

Brad Parcells, Executive Director MAFSI


I really appreciate your time and talents to prepare and present your Information Super Highway workshop at the MAFSI conference. I have been reviewing the workshop evaluations and your ranking is extremely high. The attendees indicated that your material was exciting, well presented, concise and very informative. They also like your presentation style, which they found very open and very attentive to their needs. By the way, your workshop was the highest rated session.

Brad Parcells, Executive Director MAFSI


I can't tell you how pleased we are to finally have had your participation on our Seminar program! Your workshops on March 6 were a great success, as we knew they would be, and we've had some great feedback from the members.

William R. Bess, Executive Director MRA


I recently attended a MANA training session in which there were 10-12 speakers. Mr. Gregg Marshall spoke on computer use within a rep agency and he was awesome. He was the best speaker in the group.

Bill Bissmeyer, Manufacturers' Representative


Lionel gave you rave reviews following your seminar performance last Saturday. You are a great seminar speaker and an asset to MANA.

Katherine Stuart, MANA


Per the enclosed evaluations, this is an easy critique to write. You did a great job Gregg! I hope you enjoyed the experience as much as we and the audience did.

Lionel Diaz, President MANA



You've done it again! Congratulations on a great presentation at the conference. After tabulating the results, I wasn't surprised to find your session one of the most highly rated. A whopping 84% gave it thumbs up! Great job!

Eileen Robiso, Executive Director AIM/R