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Skooba Laptop Bag Discount

This just arrived via email:

We are happy to let you know that based on constant requests from many
of your readers, we are once again offering them an exclusive sale
coupon, just in time for the “big weekend.”

As many of you know, we have done this on a very limited basis once or
twice a year and it has been very popular. We get lots of notes saying
“it’s been a long time—when are you guys going to give us another

Organizing Your Files

I have 13,102 Word, Excel, PowerPoint, text, etc files at the time I’m writing this.

Fortunately I have a system for keeping them organized.

I know people who would have them all in their My Documents folder, or worse on their Desktop. Imagine scrolling through 10,000+ files in a file open dialog!

Give One, Get One

I have been fascinated by the work Nicholas Negroponte has done using computers in education ever since I got involved with putting PC's in classrooms at our kids elementary school (to date the project we were installing 8088 based PC's running DOS).  His book Being Digital is the first book I read that foretold the implications of bits versus atoms, in many ways predicting the role of the Internet in our lives.

Promoting Your Product by Giving It Away on Blogs

I have finally started to understand how Social Media can be used by non-technology manufacturers who sell business to business.

Part of that understanding is realizing that 75% of all traditional journalists get story ideas from reading blogs.  And blogs are a great way to increase your exposure at the consumer level.  If people are asking for your product, retailers will want to carry it.

Great Netbook Deal

About 30 days ago I got an Acer Aspire One "netbook"

Ever since I've gotten a lot of comments whenever I've used it in public.

It is one of the two more/less standard configurations--Intel Atom processor (single core), 1 GB RAM, 120 GB Hard Drive, Windows XP with an 8.9" screen.

I've found it works really well while I'm traveling.  The keyboard is fine for typing from my point of view (I do touch type).  The screen at 1024 x 600 is a little "short" on the vertical size but I'm getting used to it.

Power Brick Insanity

Why can’t the engineers of the world figure out a standard set of power adapters and plugs? Every electronic device has its own AC adapter with a different plug and voltage. It’s stupid.  There is some progress with phones, cameras, etc using the mini-USB plug for charging.

Virtual Private Networking

Ok your network administrator freaked and won’t let you use Aavenu.

Ask for a virtual private network (VPN) connection to your network.

A VPN connection works like a network wire using the Internet as the wire. To keep anything going through the VPN connection secure, it is encrypted on both sides before being sent through the Internet.

There’s a VPN built into Windows XP and Vista, you just have to enable it. But I figure any program like a VPN that is pre-installed on billions of computers has been hacked.

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