Operational Excellence with Technology

Carry Your Apps With You

Everyone has a flash drive, right?

Beyond carrying important documents, like a scan of your passport, you can carry a complete office set up that will run on any Windows computer you can find, such as a spare at a client or the hotel’s business center.

Rather than worry if they have the right applications, carry them with you on your flash drive.

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Real Time News

So a Continental 737 went off the runway at Denver International Airport this evening. The right wing caught fire and the plane was evacuated.

Fortunately no one was killed, although somewhere between 30 and 34 were treated for injuries, with some taken to local hospitals.

There was a brief notice on the bottom of the TV at the local stations, but mostly the network programming wen't on uninterrupted.

The local news has now started interrupting network programming, they are now getting reports from passengers on board.

USB Drives are a Flash

Sneaker-net—that’s what they used to call carrying a floppy disk between computers to transfer files. And the highest capacity floppy was 1.44 Megabytes.

In the last couple of years, sneaker-net has resurfaced using USB flash drives. My first held 16 megabytes. Now 16 gigabyte drives are affordable, 1 and 2 gigabyte drives cost less than $10.

And they are handy for more than transferring files. Back up those critical files each day and carry the drive home with you.

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Finding Files/Emails Fast

Even organized, with 10,000+ files you are going to forget where you might have stored that file with Aunt Sally’s favorite cookie recipe.

That’s where a local search program comes in handy.

There are two free ones, Google Desktop Search ( and Microsoft Desktop Search (

Twitter, Citizen Journalism, Social Media Action

I was working at my desk last evening and I got a notice of new Tweets from Tweetdeck.  One of the messages was about the bombing in Mumbai.  Then a couple of more popped up, along with a link for a Twitter search, which I followed.  I read a few and went over to, not much there.  About 15 minutes later, my Google news alerted me that had posted an article.


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