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No More Voice Mail!!!

I hate voice mail.

You have to call in to retrieve it, if it’s for your cell phone getting your voicemail is burning minutes.

A lot of the messages aren’t worth returning, and some people leave their whole life history in each voice mail.

I don’t do voice mail any more.

Free Conference Call Options

Need to set up a conference call and can’t even figure out how to add a third person to a call, much less have 10 people on the same call?

Don’t want to pay monthly fees and/or 10+ cents a minute for conference calls?

There are free alternatives. One I’ve been using for several years is

You go to their web site and register for a free account. They send you an email with a call-in telephone number and a conference call code.

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Virtual Private Networks

Ok your network administrator freaked and won’t let you use Aavenu.

Ask for a virtual private network (VPN) connection to your network.

A VPN connection works like a network wire using the Internet as the wire. To keep anything going through the VPN connection secure, it is encrypted on both sides before being sent through the Internet.

There’s a VPN built into Windows XP and Vista, you just have to enable it. But I figure any program like a VPN that is pre-installed on billions of computers has been hacked.

New Media Expo Day 2

The keynote today was George Wright, VP Marketing of Blendtec, the Will it Blend people.

Here is the video of them blending an iPhone:

The Will It Blend videos are probably one of the most successful application of brand awareness through viral marketing on the Internet.

Blendtec is a small Utah manufacturer of blenders, mostly commercial products, but they also have a line of home products.


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