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Finding Airfare Options

Oil Prices are going up. Airfares are going up too (some say faster than oil).

Looking for the best airfare?

One of my favorite starting places is ITA Software.

They wrote the Orbitz booking engine.

This site is where they try new ideas. You know it’s unbiased since they don’t sell any tickets, just display the fares.

Check out their help pages. They have a “route language” that lets you specify all sorts of things (like connecting through a certain city on a certain airline).


It's been a month since I re-installed everything in my office. When I did that, I connected the data port of the Uninterruptible Power Supply to Desktop 3. A pop-up in my system tray this morning reminded me how important having a UPS is:

Back Up That Computer

100 million hard drives fail every year. I’ve had my share, including one last Christmas eve.

When was the last time you backed up your notebook? Your home desktop? Your work PC?

500 gigabyte external USB drives are selling for $99 to $129 on sale. That’s enough to back up a notebook and most people’s desktop(s).

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