Operational Excellence with Technology

PRO™ Active Channel Management

Products are changing. Distribution strategies are evolving. E-commerce is threatening the traditional channel structure. Manufacturers are constantly forced to re-evaluate and modify their strategic and tactical partnering activities to better serve their customers-and their partners. In this environment, partnering professionals need consistent "best practice" methodologies to craft successful and sustainable partnering programs.

The Partnering Results Optimization (PROTM) framework was developed to help companies increase partner-related revenue and expand market share. It has proven again and again to increase revenue and focus resources more effectively for manufacturers trying to increase the productivity of their rep and distribution channels.

The PROTM framework is built around seven key performance areas: Whole Product, Market Mapping, Partner Programs, Partner Selection, Revenue Readiness, Sales Productivity, and Company Alignment. The framework shows you how to:

  • Clarify partnering objectives

  • Prioritize activities and allocate resources

  • Define strategic and tactical roles and responsibilities

  • Understand the metrics for managing resources, monitoring progress, and ensuring effectiveness

  • Set realistic expectations

  • Identify leading indicators for strategy revision

  • Improve communication about alliance and channel issues

  • Identify hidden issues impacting alliance and channel performance

  • Understand the benefits that successful alliances and partner programs can provide your organization

This seminar will introduce you to the PROTM framework and tools to help you create, evaluate, prioritize, and execute the most successful channel programs possible.