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Small, Medium and Large

When I was building my first websites, way back in the last millennium, the most common screen resolution was 640 by 480 pixels. Most websites at that time were being designed for 800 x 600 screens, which was rapidly becoming the standard.

Desktop, and laptop, resolutions have been climbing ever since. If netbooks hadn’t become popular a couple of years ago, it is likely websites would be designed for 1200 to 1400 pixel wide screens. Instead the common design standard for current websites is based on a 960 pixel wide grid, centered on the user’s screen.

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Tune up Your PC

Windows PC’s seem to develop plaque over time (Mac computers may also, I just don’t have experience with them). The visible result is your PC seems to run slower over time. That plaque is the result of the various programs the average user installs, knowingly or unknowingly while using the PC. Updates, website add-ins, etc. all add software to your PC.

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Phishing Anyone?

No, it’s not time to enroll in your local bass fishing tournament.

This article is about a different kind of fishing, spelled phishing. When spelled phishing, it’s referring to when someone tries to get sensitive information from someone else by posing as someone they're not.

As P.T. Barnum is credited with saying “There's a sucker born every minute," which is what people or groups doing phishing are hoping unsuspecting recipients will be.

You don’t want to be one of them.

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Putting It All Together for a Road Warrior

I have recently accepted been involved in a contract to support the Small Business Administration website that has me living, at least for now, in Washington D.C. while my family and home office remain in Aurora, Colorado.

Living and working a bit over 1,500 miles from home has forced given me an opportunity to apply several of the technologies I have written about in the past. Their integration should prove that it is possible to replicate your home office and communicate while you are on the road.

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Measure Your Website

I’ve recently been asked to look at a couple of company’s websites. The first thing I check, by looking at the home page sources, is whether they are doing any kind of analytics.

Analytics involves adding a little bit of code to each page of your website that lets you track how many people visit each page, how they get to your website, and if they come from a search engine, what keywords they searched on to find you. Measuring what is happening on your website is vital if you want to improve it.

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Presentation Hacking, Part 2

In the last article we looked at projectors for your presentations. Buying one for $400-800 can quickly return its investment compared to renting one from a hotel for $200+ per day.

You’ll still need to rent a screen from the hotel. One option, if you bring your own extension cord, is to ask only for the screen and defer on the A/V projector support package, which is often only a screen, an extension cord and a stand for the projector. Instead of the stand, just ask catering for a cocktail round to put your projector on (usually they don’t charge for those).

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Presentation Hacking, Part 1

More and more, making presentations is part of business life. Whether it’s a salesperson doing a sales presentation, a training session, or your kid’s homework at school, there’s likely to be a PowerPoint involved. Without debating whether PowerPoint is the best idea in any of those applications, let’s just assume you’re going to use it.

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Tablets, Tablets Everywhere, Part 2

The last article talked about various tablet options. In my opinion, the battle will be between the iPad and various Andoid tablets.

It wasn't surprising to see a plethora of tablets at this year's CES. Enough that low cost Android tablets seemed to end up being the theme of the show. How many? The estimates vary, but easily 80 to 100 new tablets were on display. And it seemed like one in every four Chinese or Korean exhibitor had a tablet computer in their booth.

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