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Portable Scanning

Being able to print on the road is really handy. Being able to scan on the road is amazingly useful.

I’ve been to trade shows and brought home 40 or 50 pounds of literature. With the changes in most airline travel policies, that literature could cost $50!

Recently I’ve brought home just a few random pieces of literature.

Everything else I scan and bring home as a PDF or JPG file, either on my computer hard drive or a USB flash drive (or both as backups).

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Portable Printing

If you travel much, eventually you need to print while on the road.

There are lots of options.

One is go to the hotel business center, where they likely will charge you $1.00 to $2.00 per page.

Another is to find a local Kinko’s or office supply superstore. Cheaper, but still a lot more than it costs to print at home or at the office.

I’ve been carrying a portable printer for the past two years.

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Sending a Bunch of Emails

Be a spammer; make lots of money using the Internet! There is some truth to that claim.

I’ve got a feeling that a lot of business people view email marketing as nothing but being a spammer.

Let’s get the issue of spam out of the picture. Spam is the sending of unsolicited commercial emails (UCE), generally to people you don’t know. It works because if you send out enough (millions of emails are very common), a very small percentage will get an order. But more likely your efforts will get your emails blocked.

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Desktop 4 Reincarnated

It’s hard to believe it was only last June (2008) when I had multiple systems failures, two desktops and two notebooks.  One notebook never recovered (it was dropped and the extended warranty just refunded the purchase price so I didn’t replace it).  I’m typing this on the other notebook, repaired by HP under warranty.  The desktops, Desktop 3 and Desktop 4, were part of a 4 computer cluster I have in my office connected via the network and sharing a monitor et al via a KVM switch.  I ended up replacing both with a single n

Mail Merge Emails

If you use Outlook, did you know you can use Word to do mail merge to create custom emails to a group of people? If not you should check out this Microsoft web page:

MAPILabs ( can take that great feature and make it even more powerful. They have an inexpensive ($24) Word/Outlook add-on that “fixes” two huge Word merge to email limitations.

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