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Have You Backed Up Your On-line Life?

I am a huge proponent of backing up.  I know from personal experience that hardware fails, usually at the worst possible time and as far away from your last back up as possible.

I use local drives for daily back ups.  I use network drives for weekly backup.  I have important data burned on DVD’s and “stored in the cloud.”

A recent item in my RSS feed got me thinking (and acting)—What about my on-line life?  I’m on Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn (not supported yet), Plaxo (not supported yet), Delicious, Flickr, Picaso (not supported yet?), Google Docs, who knows how many places I have parts of my life scattered.

So I was intrigued to read that Lifestream Backup had re-branded as Backify, not for the rebranding, but for the reminder I don’t have a back up of my on-line data.

I’m now a trial user of Backify (with the disclosure I hope to talk them into providing a premium subscription “upgrade” to this blogger for blogging about them).

Signing up was quick, although I wonder what the mailing address might be used for.

Connecting Backify to my various on-line accounts was simple and fast, the hardest part being remembering passwords I’ve had stored in my password manager for a long time.

In the next few hours I expect Backify to back up all my on-line data to Amazon’s S3 service.

I wish they supported LinkedIn, Plaxo, Picaso, Twine, etc. which I assume they will add as time goes on.

I also wish they had an option to let me make a copy of my backup on a local drive (or if they do have that option to make it a bit more obvious on their website).  It’s not that I don’t trust Backify or Amazon’s S3, but look at what is happening to a similar service storytlr, they are effectively going out of business by the end of the year.  At least they have a) announced it in time to do something about it rather than orphan their users and b) they have committed to giving their users a way to export their information.

Even with my long wish list, I’m glad I have started to preserve my on-line life.