Operational Excellence with Technology

Automatic Video Editing

Video editing is time consuming.  There's a rule of thumb that you will take about an hour for each minute of final video if you are planning on doing a "professional" job.  But there is a much faster way...

muvee autoProducer version 3takes an AVI file created by your video capture card and creates a full, high quality video automatically.  That's right it does it automatically.  And the results are remarkable.

You give it a music track to synchronize to, which it analyzes.  You then give it your entire raw video file (just capture the whole thing into one file-which will likely be really big).  Tell it how long you want the result to be, pick a style (from sweeping classical to high impact rock video), and autoProducer does the rest.  It will analyze your video, pick out key visual highlights and combine them to go along with your music.

Plus autoProducer is faster than editing by hand.  In one test, I took 30 minutes of video of my daughter learning to snowboard and created a 5 minute music video.  And it took me about 15 minutes to digitize the video and let autoProducer do its thing.  That beats the 6 or 7 hours my son spent doing a 2 minute video for a high school mass media class using regular tools (we created a second version with autoProducer in less than 10 minutes).

The big addition in version 3 is the ability to use still photographs like Ken Burns (the director of the PBS series on the civil war).  It's possible to create a promotional video and never have any video of the product or its use.  The other new feature in version 3 are style plug-ins that you can use to expand muvee's range of application.  Take a look at