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Excel 2010 Feature Request

Microsoft’s Excel 2007 added an amazing new command not present in previous versions, Remove Duplicate Data (its just right of center on the Data ribbon).

Removing duplicate data before 2007 involved either Visual Basic programming or a manual comparison after sorting the data.  Both solutions are time consuming (and error prone in the case of manual comparison).

Remove Duplicate Data can search unsorted tables with thousands of rows in less than a second, pulling any duplicates that match in every column, or in a user defined group of columns.

Post from Linux

I got an ASUS eeePC 900A for $150 and have been playing with it.

With only a 4 GB SSD "hard drive" it doesn't have a large capacity.

I can see why so many have been returned and show up now as refurbished units, after about half the updates that were downloaded automatically when I booted the machine, it was out of disk space so the rest of the updates wouldn't install (and the error message wasn't clear why, just it wouldn't work).

I reformatted the SSD and installed an eeePC Ubuntu configuration with Open Office 3.1 and have about 900MB left.

Organize Emails Like Your Filing

Just as I keep my 10,000+ files organized with a structured folder system, I do the same for the emails I keep.

I’ve got a folder for each major client, one for my company, one labeled Family, and one labeled Gregg for personal emails.

I don’t have as many email folders as I would folders for files because I’ve found it handy to be able to see all my email folders at one time in Outlook. It makes filing emails in my inbox easier since I can drag any email to its folder without scrolling through the list.

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