Operational Excellence with Technology

Spare Office Space?

I visited the offices of muvee earlier this year. muvee has one of the most amazing pieces of software I have ever used--it does automatic video editing. It does it very intelligently. It produces great results.

Their offices are amazing. They have a beach, a war room (complete with bunker entrance), a diner, and a movie theater (with real seats). It's flexible space with custom designed "pods."

What caught my eye were a couple of pods labeled "entrepreneur in residence." When I asked Philip Morgan, muvee's COO, he said they sponsor a couple of entrepreneurs at a time, offering a place to work. They do it without any cost or expectation of participation. They feel they gain from the interaction with their people. And its a great use of the spare space they have.

Then I read this article about the changing use of libraries. And one about using vacant space for temporary offices.

It got me thinking. If you have space, why not invite some entrepreneur to hang out? You never know what great business ideas come from having someone else looking at your business.