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Eliminate Unnecessary Start Up Programs

You cleaned out the closet you call your hard drive, now its time to clean the Windows to speed up your computer.

It seems that every program recently has decided it’s a good idea to install an automatic update program that sits in memory all the time, running and checking for that update that comes out once every month or two.

Most of those same programs also check for updates when you start the program, so why do you need that update "right now?"

Or they think you need the convenience of being able to start them from the system tray (lower right corner), the quick-start tray (lower left corner), the desktop and the start menu. Really, do you need that program that much?

Cleaning your windows can be done via the MSCONFIG program (go to your Start menu, click on Run, and type MSCONFIG). Go to the Startup tab and uncheck boxes of programs you don't really need (just don't turn off your antivirus program). It's not permanent, so if you mess up, you can go back and re-check that box.

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Or you can use a commercial program like System Mechanic ( It will guide you through removing extra programs, files and other bloat that your system builds up over time.

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